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The Invisible People, short story

The Invisible People

The invisible people are around me. Well, not totally invisible, because sometimes I catch glimpses of shadows, of fleeting images out of

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Spiral in Waiting, short story

Spiral in Waiting

In our rush to journey from one place to another – physically, mentally, emotionally – we envision a linear progression, of movement,

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Light, short story


“Light as a feather” the saying goes….what an enchanting image, that of a feather being lifted by the breeze, carried in the

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Dream Time, short story

Dream Time

The term “Dream Time” always makes me think of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The Dream Time has particular significance in that culture, as in other ancient cultures.

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The Locks of Her Hair, Short Story

The Locks of Her Hair

The locks of her hair flowed around her elegant shoulders. Her captivating eyes gazed from under tendrils that danced around her face.

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