The Place of Secrets, short story

The Place of Secrets

The Place of Secrets must be the heart. How much of our hearts do we really share? 

There are those who seem to be an open book, but with time, you learn that they too, harbor deep secrets. 

The heart is what hurts. We speak of a broken heart. 

The heart is what loves. We speak of a loving heart. 

So we dance this tightrope of being open to loving and being closed to pain. Where do we store what protects us? 

This heart, this precious organ of life, is the first to form in the womb. The heart is our first intelligence, forming before our brains. We live in a world that values intellectual intelligence. The softer characteristic of emotional intelligence is studied and said to be important – but ask anyone which drives greater worldly success. 

Our hearts, holding the intelligence we really need, has therefore become the place we store our vulnerabilities. It is our place of secrets…to be shared only when we can trust, but never to be fully opened to the world. 

The Place of Secrets

a short story by
Nandini Gosine-Mayhroo


The Place of Secrets, short story

The Place of Secrets

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