The Invisible People, short story

The Invisible People

The invisible people are around me. Well, not totally invisible, because sometimes I catch glimpses of shadows, of fleeting images out of the corners of my eyes. 

I have stopped wanting to see them fully – but I do wonder if that is at all possible. And I do wonder what they are up to. 

Do they arrange the light, the air…just so…so that it is amenable to our existence? Do they hold up the roses, helping them shed their petals when the time has come? Do they chase the squirrels, confusing them into not remembering where they’ve buried their treasure? Do they ride the bunnies as they hop across the yard? Do they call the birds to the feeder, whistling a tune to let them know that fresh food is there? 

I wonder, I wonder…what do they make of us? We, with our concrete existence, ignorant of the true order of things. Do they tolerate us because they have no choice, or are they supporting our evolution as a species, patiently waiting for us to know them as they know us? 

The invisible people – do they have wings as some would have us believe? Are they short and grumpy, hiding behind the foliage, fretting at us pesky humans? Do they stride tall with pointed ears, listening to the instructions of Mother Nature?

Or are they all these things…and even more? 

The Invisible People

a short story by
Nandini Gosine-Mayhroo


The Invisible People, short story

The Invisible People

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