Once Upon a Sprout, Short story

Once Upon a Sprout

She touched the leaf, which closed shut every time she did so.  This was the only plant she knew to do this and she wondered to herself…why? What makes you close shut, only to open again some time after my touch is gone?

It was a childhood game, but there was a part of her that felt she shouldn’t participate…that she should leave the plant alone. 

She didn’t understand, until many years later, how that experience would influence her life. There was a respect that was nurtured in her young self for the plant world, a world of which she had no understanding. 

It would be many years later that the plants would speak to her again, through their music. That music reached into her soul and instructed her that it was now time to make it a part of her life. 

She stepped into a world of people who communicated with plants, who recognized that there was a relationship there to be explored and understood. Why did none of this seem strange to her? Why did it all seem to make so much sense? Why did her life hold more meaning now than it ever did? 

Share me, the plant world instructed her, and it was an instruction – not a request that she could accept or deny – but an instruction that had to be met. 

She was a sprout, growing into what she was always meant to be. And in that growing, she was nurturing the future sprouts of human and plant reconnection. 

Once Upon a Sprout

a short story by
Nandini Gosine-Mayhroo


Once Upon a Sprout, Short story

Once Upon a Sprout

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