Dream Time, short story

Dream Time

The term “Dream Time” always makes me think of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The Dream Time has particular significance in that culture, as in other ancient cultures. To those cultures, the Dream Time is what molds and creates our perceived reality. I think that a certain mastery we must learn is that we are indeed in control of our reality, rather than at the mercy of it. 

This is not an easy lesson, as it places immense responsibility on our own selves, and absolves us of any right to blame others – be they present in our everyday lives or existing as powers of authority in our collective. 

Dreaming our reality into existence – a tempting and delicious possibility into which we should lean. Perhaps we can begin by removing the liminal quality attributed to dreams – fleeting fancies that hold no relation to reality. Perhaps we need to lean into the belief that our dreams contain messages for us, points of direction to which we need to open ourselves. 

Sounds simple, yet all our conditioning draws us away from this. In our dreams, anything is possible, while we must manage the physical and mental constraints of our perceived realities. 

Has our conditioning done us a disservice, in this and in so many other ways, teaching us to focus on limitations rather than possibilities? We, at least I, marvel at those who truly believe that they can accomplish anything…those who understand that the cosmos presents us with all possibilities and that we only need to dream them into existence. 

It is said that it is a dream that inspired Elias Howe’s creation of the sewing machine, that a dream inspired Albert Einstien’s Theory of Relativity and that Mary Shelly’s dream of a “phantasm of a man” led to her writing the first ever sci-fi novel. 

I wonder what I can dream into existence, what we as a collective can dream into reality, if we only open ourselves up to the possibility…..

Dream Time

a short story by
Nandini Gosine-Mayhroo


Dream Time, short story

Dream Time

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